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Panel-Teak© has special qualities that allow for unprecedented applicability. The panel is bendable when heated, due to its thermoplastic quality; after cooling the panelling will regain its former rigidity and remain solidly in shape.

Additionally the panel has a high moisture resistance, so sealing the edges is a thing of the past. The panel is not difficult to cut to size and is only 4 mm thick. Available in very realistic teak-deck.
A progressive panelling material exclusively produced for Baars Montage.

Panel-Teak© the new standard for maritime applications
Panel-Teak© is a new panelling material with superior qualities. Panel-Teak© is based on a synthetic laminate which produced by recycling production waste. Panel-Teak© can be fully recycled, it is made from powdered laminate, to which we added recycled polypropylene.